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Mark Metzger

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Mark Metzger has been competing on the national level consistently since 1992! He has won every national qualifier show in the State of Florida except for the Southern States (and he placed 2nd in that one)!

In 2004, he won the Florida State Middleweight Bodybuilding Title in West Palm Beach; narrowly missing the overall title by 1 point.

During Mark’s journey, he has had the good fortune of picking up 2 sponsorships; the first with USA Health Products and the other with Twinlab.

He has been featured in several bodybuilding magazines, including the front cover of the December 2012 issue of the Performance Press Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine by John Parrillo.

Mark says “God has really blessed me, and I look forward to continued success in bodybuilding and training clients!”

Performance Press Magazine Cover Featuring Mark Metzger

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Mark's Backstory

In Mark Metzger’s senior year in high school, at his then and current height of 5’6”, he weighed a whopping 98 pounds!

Once in college at Western Carolina University, he had a fraternity brother named Jeff Parker. Jeff was a competitive bodybuilder and was right in the middle of a pre-contest diet when he attended one of Mark’s fraternity parties.

Mark says, “I just remember how every guy and every girl at the party were staring at him. I was amazed at the shape he was in and realized at that moment I wanted to get in that kind of shape and compete someday as well.”

He walked up to Jeff at the party and said, “I want to look just like you; what do I have to do?” THE REST IS HISTORY!

Mark trained under Jeff’s guidance for a year and entered his first ever bodybuilding competition. He entered and won the Men’s Novice Lightweight Division which had 6 competitors in his class. From there Mark was hooked!

Another great influence in Mark’s life has been Steve Brisbois. Steve is a former IFBB pro bodybuilder and truly a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.

“Steve taught me the importance of having self confidence and believing in myself,” says Mark.

He taught Mark everything he knows about form, technique, and motivational tactics that he still uses to this day, not just on himself, but with his clients as well.

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