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The Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein has been on the market for several years now, and is super popular with sports athletes because it’s specifically for the building and repairing of muscle tissue.  Whey is a fast-acting protein that is actually derived from milk.  However, through certain filtering processes, they are able to remove most of the bad stuff, such as lactose (a form of simple sugar) while keeping the good stuff such as the vital amino acids and other valuable nutrients.

Which brings me to a point I would like to emphasize; and that is not all whey proteins are created equal.  Products list their ingredients on their labels in order of abundance.  Whey is no different in that aspect. 

Not All Whey protein is created equally

You want to make sure that the first ingredient says “Whey Isolate.”  Because when it says Whey Isolate, that refers to a filtering process  that is very extensive, which gets rid of most of the garbage such as the lactose, binders, fillers, etc., but is able to retain the good stuff.

If the label lists “Whey Concentrate” as the first ingredient, studies have shown that basically 20% of the bad stuff is still left in the powder. 

Whey protein “blends” (a mixture of Isolate and concentrate) are very popular as well, just make sure that list isolate before concentrate in the ingredients, as this means that it is a “cleaner” powder. 

fat loss

We know that whey protein is excellent for building and repairing muscle tissue, but what about for fat loss?  A study was done with older, obese adults.  One group was given a meal replacement without whey protein, while the other group was given a meal replacement with whey protein.  The group that took the meal replacement with whey protein won easily.  Actually, both groups lost about 7% of their total body weight, but the group that took whey lost a greater percentage of fat to lean tissue.

Another test showed that US Army soldiers that took whey for 8 weeks compared to soldiers that took a carb supplement for 8 weeks had a much higher decrease in fat mass plus an increase in physical performance!

nutrition planning

We here at Metzgerbodies do nutrition plans for clients literally all over the world!  A significant part of the nutrition plan is whey protein shakes.  You will know the most opportune times to drink them and how much to use per sitting, so that you get the maximum benefit from them. 

For more information on the diet plans and other services offered by Metzgerbodies please visit our website at metzgerbodies.com

Thanks for reading and remember, you are what you eat!

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