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75% to 80% of how a person looks and feels are directly linked to HOW THEY EAT!

Along with my 16 years of experience in doing customized nutrition plans, Metzgerbodies is privileged to have ISSA Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Stephanie Metzger on staff. Having the same last name as me is no coincidence, as Stephanie is also my lovely wife.

We have the schooling, experience and the heart and drive to set you up with a CUSTOMIZED nutrition plan for your individual body type, activity level and nutritional needs. Whether you are just looking to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase your endurance and stamina, the advantage of sport specific nutrition is that it is designed specifically for YOU! Along with your food plan, we will include your supplementation schedule. Supplements are an integral part of any good nutrition plan to ensure you are getting optimal results.

All nutritional plans are realistically based; you won’t feel cheated or starved. You will get your favorite foods every week, not every day, but every week and still get in the best shape of your life! They consist of grocery store items that allow you to easily incorporate these changes into your present lifestyle.

All nutritional plans are realistically based. Your nutritional consultation will consist of an analysis of your current eating habits, a 9 – point caliper body fat test, and body type assessment. During your consultation we will discuss your CUSTOMIZED nutrition plan which is based on several factors such as your goals, gender, metabolism, level of activity, etc.

Nutrition is an involved science, and many factors must be considered to achieve maximum individual results.

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