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75% to 80% of how a person looks and feels are directly linked to HOW THEY EAT!

Along with my 2 decades of experience in doing customized nutrition plans, Metzgerbodies is privileged to have ISSA Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Stephanie Metzger on staff. Having the same last name as me is no coincidence, as Stephanie is also my lovely wife.

We have the schooling, experience and the heart and drive to set you up with a CUSTOMIZED nutrition plan for your individual body type, activity level and nutritional needs. Whether you are just looking to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase your endurance and stamina, the advantage of sport specific nutrition is that it is designed specifically for YOU! Along with your food plan, we will include your supplementation schedule. Supplements are an integral part of any good nutrition plan to ensure you are getting optimal results.

All nutritional plans are realistically based; you won’t feel cheated or starved. You will get your favorite foods every week, not every day, but every week and still get in the best shape of your life! They consist of grocery store items that allow you to easily incorporate these changes into your present lifestyle.

Your nutritional consultation will consist of an analysis of your current eating habits, a 9 – point caliper body fat test, and body type assessment. During your consultation we will discuss your CUSTOMIZED nutrition plan which is based on several factors such as your goals, gender, metabolism, level of activity, etc.

Nutrition is an involved science, and many factors must be considered to achieve maximum individual results.

Take The Thinking Out Of Dieting

our Nutrition Plan

You are what you eat! What a true statement! Are you frustrated because you’ve been busting your butt in the gym, but are seeing little to no results? It is very likely that the problem isn’t with your training; it’s with your DIET! If you aren’t eating, you aren’t growing! And the 2 things that speed your metabolism up are some type of aerobic activity, and EATING! That’s why the worst thing a person can do when wanting to lose bodyfat is not eat! You are teaching your body to store fat! Join us now, and we will put together a customized diet plan that will ensure that you gain muscle and lose fat! And the best part is you won’t be deprived of anything! Real results, real fast!

About Our Nutrition Planning Services

frequently asked questions

The plan does not include food or nutritional supplements, however you will be instructed on exactly what to buy; And, it’s all grocery store bought food, nothing out of a box or diet center. You will also be given specific instructions on supplementation as it is a very integral part of any good nutrition plan.

Our nutrition plans are far from “cookie cutter, one size fits all” type of plans; Mark takes many factors into consideration when designing them. Things like goals, gender, level of activity, etc. are factored in therefore, they are truly very individualized even though you are applying basically the same concept.

This is a super common question that is really tough to specifically answer because it depends on so many factors; the most important being how closely the client is following the plan as it is written. Additionally, age and gender play big roles in determining the amount of weight a person will lose in 12 weeks.

Regardless, Mark will honestly tell you that if you follow the plan exactly as it is designed, you will see very significant changes in 12 weeks! It will be very noticeable to people that you are looking much better, as well as feeling much better too, as these are clean, high energy foods!

Metzgerbodies diet plans can be brought to any doctor for verification that it is a safe and healthy plan. Remember, you will not be deprived of ANYTHING, and it is all grocery store bought food. So yes, this plan is very safe to follow.

If a client has food allergies, we just make sure not to include those foods in their plan.

The great thing is that since there are so many awesome foods to choose from, the client isn’t limited to just a few things.

Bottom line… food allergies will not be an issue at all.

It just so happens that this sports nutrition plan as we call it, is not just the way for athletes to eat, it’s the way EVERYONE should eat!

Why? Because you are making better choices with foods, the quantities will be all mapped out for you based on your goals as well as several other factors, and there is absolutely NO deprivation with this diet plan!

A 9-point caliper pinch test is a very common and very accurate way to measure body fat. If the trainer does it correctly, they will come into a percentage point either way of being spot on!

So, we take a pair of calipers, and we simply pinch 9 different spots on your body, and then follow a formula that will give us a very accurate measurement of your body fat! It’s a great way to measure progress!

This plan is most certainly not just another fad diet. Fad diets come and go. This is simply a smart way of eating healthy by eating the right foods, in the right portions, at the right times! And we do all of the thinking for you!

Every detail is mapped out so that all you have to do is literally just look at it, and follow it, and do what it says, and watch what happens to your body! It really isn’t a big secret here at all. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do by putting the right foods together in the right amounts and eating at the right times!

Part of the deal when purchasing the 12-week diet plan is that Mark will make any and all changes necessary to the plan during the 12 weeks as needed, at no extra charge, and YES, you have access to Mark via cell phone at anytime with any questions you may have.

The one guarantee Metzgerbodies will give you is this: if you follow the plan just as it is written, you WILL see changes to your body for the better.

One thing Mark always tells his clients is you don’t need to pay someone to stay the same, you can do that all by yourself. When you come to Mark because you truly want to make a change and better yourself, he is 100% committed to seeing that you do see results, no matter what! He will do his part, all he asks is that you do your part!

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