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A Message From Mark Metzger

Hi, my name is Mark Metzger. I am a national-level bodybuilder, personal trainer, and gym owner. I am the owner/operator of Metzgerbodies Personal Training & Fitness Center! Please check out the “About Mark” section of this website to read more about my personal bio!

We offer many services to clients both local in the Tampa area, people across the United States, and even abroad around the world! If you are local in the Tampa area, come train in our awesome one on one training studio with top of the line, commercial grade equipment from Hammer Strength, Icarian, Body Masters, and Magnum Fitness Equipment.

If you are out of state, or even country, having me as your trainer/coach via the internet, is just like I’m right beside you in person motivating you and instructing you. We are a team! Through my years of competing, I have met and even worked with some of the trainers and diet coaches that are literally considered to be the best in the world!

I use a very effective method of training that allows you to build quality, lean muscle, while maintaining a low bodyfat percentage. My nutrition plans are custom-made for each client, that is a lifestyle and does not deprive you of anything!

I have been a personal trainer and nutrition consultant exclusively for 20 years and have helped literally hundreds of people JUST LIKE YOU reach their fitness goals! Whether you are just starting out, or just wanting to shape and tone, or get ready for competition, I WILL help you reach your goal!

Choose The Right Plan For You

our fitness plans

There is a way to train for size, and there is a way to train for strength, and they are surprisingly quite different in many ways..Why not make sure you are training the right way to maximize your results? Metzgerbodies will design a workout plan JUST FOR YOU, based on YOUR goals!

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About Our Personal Training Services

frequently asked questions

The cost of a personal trainer for the most part depends on what area of town you live in, and even what state you live in.

For example, what the average going rate is here in North Tampa compared to Los Angeles would be like night and day..L.A. because of the cost of living in California and whatnot, it is MUCH more expensive to have a trainer in L.A. Even the part of town is a factor as well.

Again, here in North Tampa where Metzgerbodies Personal Training & Fitness Center is located is considerably cheaper than South Tampa where, on average, the prices are higher. Some places will offer discounts based on the number of sessions you buy, meaning the more you buy, the better rate you may get. We are very competitive on pricing based on the area we are located in.

How often you should see your personal trainer depends on a couple of factors.

One, and importantly, is the person’s budget. Mark will tell you that coming 3 times a week versus coming twice a week, with everything else being equal, will certainly produce faster results.

Time is also an issue with some people. The trainer and the client both obviously have to have the same availability in their schedules to make it work. The average client comes usually 2 to 3 times a week.

A very common question is that enough times to see results? Mark’s answer is always yes it is absolutely enough to see results because it’s not just about the 2 or 3 sessions a week, but it is also about what you are doing outside of the gym with your diet and also cardio as well.

Here at Metzgerbodies we have Mark and 7 other certified and insured and experienced personal trainers, both male and female.

The answer is YES! You can absolutely choose your trainer based on the one you think would fit you the best!

With 1-on-1 personal training you are getting instruction on form and technique, which Mark will tell you, is what is truly going to bring results so much faster, than just slinging heavy weight all over the place.

Not to mention, it will minimize any risk of injury as well. But, aside from form and technique, you are also getting incredible motivation which help produce way better and more intense workouts, and there is also the accountability factor.

It is much harder to “blow off the gym” when you know your trainer is at the gym waiting on you!

In over 2 decades of doing personal training, Mark has been tipped 2 or 3 times. It is absolutely NOT required, or expected to tip the trainer.

Mark offers a 2-for-1 special with the 1-hour training sessions meaning that if the 2 people are willing to train at the same time, they only pay what 1 person would pay anyway.

Does that mean you will get less of a workout?

NOT AT ALL! Because while 1 person goes, the other can rest or do an ‘active” rest depending on what the trainer instructs. This can be husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, coworkers, friends, whatever it doesn’t matter, as long as the 2 are training during the same session, it is a 2 for 1!

The nutrition plan is not included with the personal training. Mark will however HIGHLY recommend purchasing the 12 week diet plan.

Why? Because 75 to 80% of how a person looks is based on how they eat!

Fortunately, the 12 week diet plan is extremely affordable, and Mark made it that way so that everyone could reap the benefits of his awesome diet plan without breaking the bank.

Like any industry, you have good and bad. Personal training is no different.

Mark will tell you that it is unfortunate, but the truth is in the health and fitness industry, there are more bad trainers than good ones. But, if you are fortunate enough to get a good personal trainer, one who is not only very knowledgeable in exercise, workouts, nutrition, etc. but also has the personality to be a very good listener, be compassionate, and be patient with the clients.

Having just a great body doesn’t mean the person is a good trainer. The trainer has to have those other qualities just mentioned as well.

Personal training is NOT just for bodybuilders. As a matter of fact, most bodybuilders don’t have personal trainers. One reason being that most bodybuilders don’t think they need a trainer. Most bodybuilders have diet coaches, but not personal trainers.

It is very difficult to answer this question due to the fact that there are so many determining factors in seeing results.

However, this is what Mark will tell you to be true:

If you are training with a knowledgeable trainer that knows what they are doing, and you are being CONSISTENT in your workouts and especially with your eating habits, in 3 months time, you will see some very significant changes for the better in the mirror.

Honestly speaking, the person has to be on a proper eating plan or they will NEVER be satisfied with how they look.

There is a saying, and it is so very true… You can’t out train a bad diet! No matter how hard you workout, if the diet isn’t right, there will always be the layer(s) of fat and water covering the muscle.

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Fitness Training by Metzgerbodies
Fitness Training by Metzgerbodies


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