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Kelsie Goodrich

I am Kelsie and I am 20 years old! I was 19 when I first started working with Mark. I was referred to Mark by a friend after watching her amazing transformation guided by him! I was inspired! After about a year of yoyo dieting, I felt relieved with the nutrition plan he gave me, it worked amazing! I went to him in October, asking to lose fat! Losing about 3% body fat monthly due to Mark's amazing diet and work out regime, I was hooked. In about February, we switched to a pre-contest diet, which he got me to the best shape I had ever been in my life! I stepped on stage as a bikini competitor, which I never could have imagined doing prior to his guidance. He was there the whole way, very supportive, and I learned a great deal! Thank you, Mark!

Michele Stahl

Michele is a nurse who was very good at taking care of others, but when it came to taking the time necessary to take care of herself, she would rather had spent it taking care of others instead because Michele is definitely a giving person who puts other's needs before her own. But, over time, this started to have a negative effect on Michele, as her weight climbed to 333lbs. That's when Michele started training with Mark Metzger at Metzgerbodies. Weight training 3 days a week, along with a customized diet plan, and cardio 6 days a week, 18 months later and that 333lbs on the scale now said 146lbs!  That's almost 200lbs in just a year and a half!  The best thing is, 9 years later, she has kept every pound off, and does NOT go hungry! She did this with no surgeries, and no semi-starvation diets supplemented by B12 shots at a desperate attempt to maintain some sort of energy. That would be NO way to live your life! Instead, she ate grocery store-bought food, was not deprived of anything, and ate more than she had ever eaten in her life, yet got in the best shape of her life! Metzgerbodies showed Michele how to make this a lifestyle, and not a temporary fix. And if pictures speak a thousand words, then I would say her before and after pictures speak a million words! Congratulations Michele!

Andrew Schaffer

I contacted Mark just over a year ago asking for assistance on getting myself back in shape. I had not been in a gym for about 5 years, and was not very motivated to start. I discussed my concerns and what kind of end result I was looking for with Mark, and he assured me I would be able to get a nice “beach body” in no time. I started working out with Mark soon after our meeting. Within 4 months my partner was noticing great results on myself and wanted to join me for my workout sessions. We have both been going ever since. Mark is very motivational while working out and assists at all times. He knows what he is talking about and relays that information to you as well, so you can understand what each workout is doing for your body. I have also had Mark do my diet plans throughout this whole experience and that has helped me stay lean while still building muscle. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone that is looking to lose weight and/or build muscle. I am very happy with my results after 1 year with Mark and will continue to build upon these results to complete my body transformation.

Cynthia Burback

My name is Cynthia Burback, I am 42 years old and the mother of one child. I have just competed in my first bikini competition in November 2012. After struggling with my diet, I was lucky enough to have been referred to Mark & Metzger Bodies for guidance. I started working with Mark on a Muscle Building/Fat Loss Diet at about six months prior to competition date. Not only did his plan educate me on the proper nutrition for muscle building but it was also very effective with results being seen within a couple of weeks. At sixteen weeks out, the diet changed to a pre-contest diet. Throughout those sixteen weeks we worked through many phone calls, emails and progression photos to mold and shape my physique for the competition. The transformation of my body during this time was amazing. I am in the best shape of my life and would have never been "stage ready" without the expertise, knowledge and professionalism Mark has provided me. As I prepare for my next competition, I look forward another successful transformation with Metzger Bodies.

Allana Garofalo

Mark, you are a true inspiration!!! Without your guidance and knowledge I NEVER would of pushed myself to become champion. Your words of wisdom tenacity and dedication to this sport I have never forgotten, and will always hold true to my heart. Without you I never would of come out on top. You pushed me to the limit and made me believe nothing is impossible. I want to thank you with all my heart for helping my dream come true. I will continue from this day forward to train hard, EAT right and,  follow your guidance. You taught me to believe NOTHING is impossible. Thank you, thank you, thank you...words can not express what will never be forgotten.


My name is Jennifer.  I’m a 38 year old professional, wife and mother of three.  The “before” picture shown here is of me at my heaviest weight, 234 lbs..  Never in my life did I think I would become so unhealthy.  I was an active, athletic youngster.   Although some of the unhealthy habits started back in the day, they truly began to show after having my three children and neglecting the need to take care of myself.  Years of eating pretty much whatever I felt I needed to “get through the day”, combined with going back for my graduate degree and all of the late night snacking to stay awake lead me to this point of complete unhealthiness and turning into the person on the outside that I never wanted or intended to become.  I also got tired of being sitting out on certain activities that I felt I couldn’t do because “I would be too heavy, or too embarrassed”.  The decision to get a personal trainer came when  leading self- care groups at an inpatient psychiatric facility forced me to look at what I was doing to take care of me and the urgency to “practice what I preach”  as a clinical therapist.   After many personal and joint attempts at wellness with little success, my husband and I decided this was something we needed help with.  We were enablers for each other and needed a third party to give us instruction and accountability to help reach our goals.  When my husband came across Mark’s name in a search on the internet for a trainer, I thought, “this guy won’t understand what we need…he’s a bodybuilder…he’s way out of our league and fitness goals.”  I couldn’t have been more wrong in my thinking.  From the first “conference” call we made together with Mark to inquire about his services, he was understanding and in no way judgmental of how we ended up in this unhealthy state.  He took us right where we were, understood our goals, and has worked side by side with us, motivating, encouraging us, making himself available when we’ve had questions or doubts about our ability to keep going.  We are not there yet, but are well on our way to developing a lifestyle that will get us there.  Mark not only has the skills and knowledge in his field, but has the personality and drive to help his clients reach their goals.  We needed a counselor in this area, and that’s what Mark has been for us, on the weeks when we have done well and eaten and done everything we were supposed to do, and also on the weeks when we have fallen back into our old habits.  Change is a process.  What Mark does is walk you through that change and remind you why you started this journey in the first place.  Now I look forward to not being a “sideliner”, watching everyone else live and do fun things, I want to be right there in the middle of it with my kids and husband making memories and knowing I’m doing everything I can to be around to watch life happen.


I started training with Mark the week after Thanksgiving of 2011.  My wife and I decided it was time for us to take back our health and start the difficult journey back to living a healthy lifestyle.  For the past 15 years I neglected to take care of my own health because I was busy launching a career and juggling family priorities. Unfortunately, my waist size went from a size 30 to 34 and my weight went from a healthy 150 lbs to 191 lbs.  

Since I started training with Mark 5 months ago, I have learned about the importance of proper nutrition.  Mark provided me with a customized meal plan and he incorporated resistance training twice a week into my fitness program.  Although I am still not at my desired weight loss goal, I have added muscle while decreasing my overall body fat percentage.  My clothes fit better, I look better in the mirror, I have more energy, I have more stamina, and I feel more confident about my body image.  
Without the support of Mark, I would have already given up.  Mark has been very instrumental in helping me stay focused and motivated toward achieving my end goal.  Mark is very different from the personal trainers I have experience with in the past, he provides the right balance of trainer, coach, and motivator, which is just what I needed to get back on track to healthy eating and living.  I am excited to continue my journey and I am looking forward to realizing my ultimate end goal, with Mark’s help I will get there.

Glenn Yaney

Dawn Allen

Bruce Rice

Starting weight at 230 now down to 187, the Metzgerbodies Diet Plan played a huge part in my 43 lb loss.  At first the diet plan was somewhat difficult to get use to with my schedule being filled with school, work, church and of course the gym. After about a month of following the diet continuously the pounds started to shred and the results definitely showed.  As I continued with the diet I found out the diet plan was more than just a diet, it was a way of life.  When I started the goal to have abs at the beginning of my diet it seemed merely impossible.  I would call Mark Metzger and he would reassure me that they will show in time if I stick to the plan.  Sure enough, 6 1/2 months into the diet plan I feel better and stronger than ever.  Not really losing any muscle, the fat just came right off.  I would recommend this to anyone who has the willingness for a great body.  

I am a mother of 4 and have struggled with weight off and on for years, I was introduced to Mark by a mutual friend of ours. In learning he was a personal trainer, I knew this may be my opportunity to get the right information about how to lose fat and get into shape and in my case build muscle. I have called, text and emailed Mark with numerous questions and concerns and everytime he has answered and been there for me as my PERSONAL TRAINER. I have no doubt that without his help the first couple months I would not of lost 20+ lbs, and its not by crash dieting, its a way of life, healthy eating and an AWESOME PERSONAL TRAINER!  Mark told me what foods I needed to concentrate on and gave me a workout plan that was designed for me and the results I wanted. I HIGHLY WOULD RECOMMEND MARK  to meet any of your fitness or bodybuilding needs.

Mark Metzger is an exceptional personal trainer with a broad range of skills to assist anyone attain their fitness goals. I came to Mark a year ago at 228 pounds, diabetic, hypertensive, and with elevated lipid levels, and a desire to change.  He listened carefully and understood my specific needs, then immediately responded that he could help me. There was no hesitation, only positive clear cut signals that what I wanted could be attained. Shortly after a couple of sessions, I began to fully appreciate his prowess and experience. I began to see results. He provided not only supervised and motivational exercise sessions, but also specific individualized uncomplicated nutritional guidance, as in eating more frequently in the appropriate ratios, from appropriate sources and at the right intervals. I still can’t believe how much I am eating and still changing body composition, specifically, more metabolically active muscle and less fat. It has been an astounding and gratifying personal transformation with normalization of lipids, glucose and blood pressure. I also have much more energy, strength, and stamina thanks to Mark’s assistance. 

Thank you Mark!

Dr. Steve Detwin

I started working out with Mark in late January of this year and began his diet plan on Feb 5 - today is April 15 so in a little over 2 months I have gone from 242 pounds to 214 pounds. If you listen to Mark and follow his tailored plan you will lose the weight but more importantly he will teach you how to weight train and the proper way to put on muscle! These are real results and Mark's experience and knowledge is a gold mine. He knows what he is doing in the gym and is there for you to encourage and support you in your quest for the ultimate body. I feel so much better and this has transformed me in such a short time. It's exciting to know that it's only going to get even better! It hasn't even been 3 months and already I have lost almost 30 pounds! Don't waste your time looking for a quick fix, if you are serious about changing your lifestyle for a healthier future definitely give Mark a call because its one of the smartest things I have ever done. 

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